Sunday, June 2, 2013

Help me Obi-Wan're my only hope!

We arrive in Silver City, New Mexico, site of one of our nation's largest copper mines, to visit with Ruth's old friend, Linda Gray and her partner, Jedi Knight Kambiz Zarrabi. As we rang the doorbell, I drew a deep breath and prepared myself to embark in the initiation into the Jedi Academy with "Kam" as my mentor.

Kam came to America from Iran 30+ years ago, fleeing the revolution as a geophysicist and manager of exploration with Standard Oil, and Chief of the Bureau of Mines with the Iranian government. Since coming to America, he has devoted himself to lecturing and writing in the humanities, philosophy, art, earth science, politics, astrophysics, and being available to broker negotiations between China and Iran in various ore extraction plans. Kam has spent a lifetime finding and exploring the interconnection of all things, and very quickly our conversation moved from how separating silver and gold from copper in the earth makes the copper removal profitable, to time traveling into the Precambrian era. 2.5 billion years ago, a simple algae, stromatolite, living in the oceans, created oxygen in the air and water making it possible for life to overcome the CO2 poisoning brought on by huge asteroid bombardment and volcanic explosions. We discussed atomic structure, the vast spaces between electron quantum motion in atoms, and how it might be possible to realize the dream of pre-scientists/alchemists, who sought to change copper into gold...just displacing the numbers of electrons in their respective shells which, after all, is what differentiates one element from another...with the force of, let's say, the CERN Reactor in Geneva! Of course this led to a discourse on the discovery of the Higgs boson, or so-called "God Particle," which has been speculated about and may begin the understanding of what exists in those "vast spaces" between electrons; and whether there can there be such a thing as no-thing?! We contemplated traveling to the event horizon of a black hole, speculating on the nature of time and space, then attempting to visualize the moment of the birth of the universe and what could have occurred before. Kam recounted the theory of how the moon was formed by an early strike of a super meteor into a still plastic, non-crusted earth approximately 4.5 billion years ago.

My Jedi master then engaged me in a historical journey through civilization's mythologies and stories expressed through many of our world religions. From the earliest written accounts that drew parallels in symbology which continue to be passed on today and which carry powerful ramifications in our political and social systems. These accounts, from the Paleolithic age, as far back as 300,000 years ago, to the Neolithic age, from about 10,000 to 2,000 years ago, culminated in one of the earliest religious written texts from Egypt. Then came the Axial Age, from approximately 900-200 BCE, which included the spread of Islam, Judaism, and other beliefs in the Middle Ages, to today. We discussed the pros and cons of religion in civilization and Kam told the story of how he consulted with a National Geographic researcher attempting to find the location of the fabled Noah's Ark. Kam, having a profound understanding of geohistory, was able to provide valuable facts to substantiate the research into why or why not the ark might be located in certain regions. Or located at all.

At this point Kam revealed an amazing discovery that was soon to be published regarding this ancient story which...oh!... I am informed that it is essential that, in order to complete this level of training, I must be blindfolded and practice with my light saber...more later!

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